Thursday, March 27, 2008

With Joey in "high-energy" mode I didn't crawl into the shack until almost 9:30 PM last night.

With my sights on getting the Amp/tuner part of my shack put back together last night I learned the following lessons:

1) The MFJ-998 auto tuner doesn't deal with balanced lines.

2) My best antenna is the inverted-vee (yep, you see this coming) fed with... balanced line.

3) The MFJ-998 is bigger than I thought, barely fitting into the foot print of the 238B.

4) MFJ documentation still isn't quite up to snuff. The technical parameters of the MFJ-998's amplifier control interface aren't included anywhere.

5) You can't work 'em if you can't hear 'em.

6) You can still work decent DX with 100W and an 'over the oak tree' antenna if you're willing to be crafty and diligently apply good DX techniques.

7) CW (still) kicks butt.

In the bag at the end of the evening: CM6, V31, KH6 and TO5 against varying levels of pile-ups.

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