Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Very interesting day!

Talked to JW/F8DVD on Spitsbergen Island today at lunch. Craig, AE6RR, and I were driving back from lunch, scanning 20 meters and there he was. Calling CQ with no pile-up. S-9 and everything. Craig worked him first, then I did.

100 watts and a hamstick. Gotta love this hobby.

Then we went up and did a bit more work on the abandoned ham shack at work. Installed a tuner and poked around the bands a bit. Didn't find anything worthwhile. Lots of noise. Perhaps something new in the lab. Or perhaps we now know why the shack was abandoned... hi hi.

CW QSO with Greg (KI6CK). Tried to get Sam KE6ZRW into the act but not have a whole lotta luck reaching him. 2m, nope. 6m, nope. 10m, nope.

I tried 80m NVIS and he was able to sorta hear me. Sigh.

Bed time. Life is good.

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