Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello all,

It's been a REALLY long time since my last post.

Well... We "did" Field Day. Lots of stories.

We also did the NAQP RTTY.

At this point I'm slowly getting my house station back together after those two events. I tore everything down and started over from a bare table. I got some shelves and some cinder block pavers to put in shelves. Of course the shelves are 6" too short... @@

I got the Icom IC-756ProII working and made 2 (two) contacts in the NAQP SSB contest. The Heathkit SB-210 broke down again. Seems like the same T/R relay problem that it had before. I put the Ameritron AL-80A into the shelf instead. On of the next steps is to get that amp running in the station.

It also seems like I broke something in the RTTY chain. The microKeyer and software seem to be working OK, but I don't get any diddle on the actual radio. I need to ohm out the cable and perhaps even bring the oscilloscope on line and try to isolate where the problem is.

The summer evenings are nice and I'm spending time with my wife and kids, rather than buried down in the radio shack.

Seems like "the right thing to do."

Take care all!



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