Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Goals for the evening:

  1. Practice CW, either on the air or with Morse Runner.
  2. Get AL-80a wired back in and running
  3. Swap Bencher and Begali paddles
Actual happenings

  1. Get amp wired back in. Discover that it is STILL sick. Mope dejectedly for 20 minutes.
  2. Swap Bencher and Begali paddles. Rejoice in low expectations.
  3. Decide to work over dejection by installing the new DX Engineering 1:1 balun for my doublet. Installs OK. But gives the MFJ-998 tuner kittens. Mope dejectedly for a while longer.
  4. Listen to on-the-air CW while moping.
  5. Do two runs of Morse Runner. Rates: 95 Q/hour and 60 Q/hour. Sulk off to bed.
On the good side?
Our CQP wall paper arrived as did three CQP tee-shirts. They're very PURPLE!

Time for bed and hopes for a better tomorrow.

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